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HELLO and HY to all of our viewers from Chaudhary Hammad. I am the developer of this great site. The website is totally designed to share the actual Online Earning tricks and tips to our viewers. Recently, we started a series on Blogging Skill. Today, we are going to talk about 15 BEST AD NETWORKS FOR MONETIZING YOUR WEBSITE.

So, let’s start our article:

Are you looking for the top ad networks for Monetize your website?

Lots of networks are available to assist you with this, as you could anticipate. And for bloggers and publishers of all sizes, we’ve compiled 15 BEST AD NETWORKS FOR MONETIZING YOUR WEBSITE of the greatest options in one piece. Each of these companies can help you monetize your content in a different way. While some merely provide standard display advertising, others can also suggest paid content, incorporate contextual connections, and do much more.

We have tried to include solutions that are feasible for both big publishers and tiny blogs, even if some of these ad networks require varying minimum traffic requirements.


1. Ezoic:

  • The best advertising option for the majority of publishers is Ezoic.
  • Ezoic is unique because it is an AI-driven machine learning platform created to assist you in boosting your advertising profits.
  • Ezoic regularly tests various advertising, locations, etc. to identify the setups that produce the most revenue.
  • Test locations can be arranged using drag and drop. Then you can decide on goals and run your tests (such as maximizing revenue vs. improving user experience, or finding the perfect balance, for example).
  • You can connect to some of the remaining advertising networks on this compilation, such as or Google AdSense, which is (the next option on our list), to test adverts from diverse sources.
  • You can become a member of Ezoic. You used to need 10,000 sessions each month to join. However, anyone may now sign up thanks to their Access Now campaign. Every type of content vertical is mutually beneficial, and the minimum payment is just $20.


  • is the name of one of the largest contextual advertising networks across the Internet.
  • Both text and display advertising can be served up automatically, and you have the option of letting choose the ideal sizes for your site on the fly. also provides a programmatic framework that you have can use if you decide to pursue such a course of action.
  • requires a minimum payout of $100.

3. Monumetric:

  • You may monetize your website with the assistance of the publisher-friendly ad platform Monumetric without sacrificing user experience.
  • You sign up with Monumetric and identify the advertising content you have available, to put it simply.  The highest CPM offers will then be used to fill out the inventory with Monumetric’s assistance.
  • Monumetric requires a minimum of 10,000 page views every month. However, Monumetric will charge you a one-time setup cost of $99 if your site receives fewer than 80,000 monthly page views (this fee is refunded if your site receives more than 80,000 page views).

4. AdThrive:

  • AdThrive is an advertising network that primarily targets bloggers and publishers in lifestyle categories like parenting, DIY, home, travel, and food. These are the kinds of marketers who will succeed with AdThrive, yet you don’t have to be in those categories to participate.
  • AdThrive provides all the common display ad sizes and even promises payouts, which means that even if the company isn’t compensated by an advertiser, they’ll still pay you. Their “creator-first” mission includes this.
  • AdThrive may not be the greatest choice if you receive a lot of international traffic because it is largely focused on US-based traffic. Additionally, you must be using Google Analytics and have not less than 100,000 monthly page visits in order to be considered.

5. Mediavine:

  • Similar to AdThrive, Mediavine is a recognized advertising network that enjoys the favor of those who create lifestyle content for niches like parenting, home, travel, and the like. Again, membership is not technically required in any of those categories, but those are the websites that integrate with Mediavine the best.
  • Mediavine aims to create a “creator first” strategy, much as AdThrive. The Mediavine crew actually represents a well-known publisher including brands like Food Fanatic and The Hollywood Gossip.
  • The minimal traffic requirement for Mediavine is only 50,000 visits each month, making it slightly easier to sign up than AdThrive.

6. Google AdSense:

  • Google AdSense probably doesn’t need an introduction given that it is the most popular and widely respected promotional platform on the Internet.
  • AdSense is still included because a list of the best ad networks for publishers wouldn’t be complete without it.
  • Google will begin showing pertinent ads to your website as soon as you add AdSense. Even without doing anything yourself, you can let Google conduct tests to find the optimum location for ads on your website.
  • AdSense has a $100 minimum compensation requirement.

7. Amazon Associates:

  • Amazon Associates is the popular affiliate marketing platform owned by Amazon.
  • While manually inserting product links into your content is one way to leverage Amazon Associates, Amazon also has a contextual advertising option called Native Shopping Ads that allows you to adopt a more hands-off approach.
  • You’ll be able to automatically show relevant products from Amazon on your website if you use Native Shopping Ads. If visitors click on items and then make a purchase, you will be compensated.
  • The drawback is that you are only paid if they depart. The advantage is that, in addition to the item that was in the ad, you can make commissions on any additional items that customers add to their shopping baskets after clicking through from your website.
  • The minimum compensation for Amazon Associates is $10, which is incredibly low. Just be aware that the rules and guidelines for Amazon Associates may be more strict than those of additional ad networks.

8. Taboola:

  • Taboola enables you to monetize your website with content recommendations that appear after the content on your page. This type of monetization certainly has been employed by numerous significant publishers and online sites.
  • Such information is common; examples include “10 foods the fact that can extend your life” and “You’ll never believe how that instructor saves money.”
  • Taboola is a popular option for content referral ads, but in order to sign up, your site must attract at least 500,000 monthly visitors. We’ll talk about many different networks of a similar sort in this article, some of who have less traffic caps.

9. Outbrain:

  • Another ad network with a similar monetization plan to Taboola is Outbrain. To put it another way, it makes it possible for you to incorporate the “sponsored links” as well as “stories taken from the web” which numerous significant publishers and news organizations use.
  • The statement “high-quality publishers, regardless of site size” is made by Outbrain. Outbrain, similarly Taboola, tends to limit its acceptance to larger publications, thus it might not be the greatest option if you have a small website.

10. Infolinks:

  • Infolinks mostly aids you in generating revenue from your website by adding contextual advertisements at specific keywords in your content. Instead of producing fresh content, Infolinks merely matches advertisements with the keywords that already appear in your content. Visitors will actually see the advertisement when they hover over a highlighted keyword; it’s not just a link.
  • Infolinks offers more ad types in addition to this strategy (known as InText), such as Sticky promotion in the notification window at the bottom of the screen.
  • advertisements in between page views.
  • Contextual ads that are “standard”.
  • Vertical ads that show on each side of your website will display if it has any free space (for example, if a visitor is viewing it on an enormous screen with white space between the sides).
  • Infolinks offers a $50 minimum payout, which is reasonable.

11. Revcontent:

  • Revcontent is a content suggestion network (similar to Taboola or Outbrain) that only wants to work with high-quality websites; in fact, because of their emphasis on quality, they reject a lot of websites.
  • If you cannot generate enough visitors for Taboola or Outbrain, Revcontent is a good alternative because its minimal traffic goal is only 50,000 monthly visits. However, they will work with publishers that are on the smaller side.
  • Furthermore, the minimum payout is only $50.

12. PropellerAds:

  • A well-known publisher ad network called PropellerAds can assist you in monetizing your material in a number of ways, such as:
  • “Traditional” banner ads
  • creative links that automatically guide users to relevant offerings
  • Onclick advertising, often known as popunders
  • Interstitials
  • Browser push notifications are a somewhat novel feature.
  • You have a lot of control over how aggressive (or not) your monetization plan will be because you have so many possibilities.
  • Furthermore, PropellerAds makes it very easy to get paid; the minimum payout is just $5, and you can get prizes every week.

13. Adversal:

  • Similar to Outbrain and Taboola, another well-liked ad network for bloggers is Adversal, which enables you to monetize your website with content recommendations. In addition to those native ads, Adversal also offers video and display ads.
  • Overall, Adversal intends to be a “set it and forget it” approach to monetize your website’s content.
  • You only need 50,000 page views each month to join Adversal.

14. BuySellAds:

  • So that advertisers may directly purchase ad space on your website, you can list the inventory of your advertisements on BuySellAds.
  • For instance, you may include a few places in your sidebar. Advertisers can then purchase that inventory straight through BuySellAds without having to take any additional action.
  • Additionally, you have the choice to define “fallback” advertising that you can show in the event that an inventory space is still available, helping you to ensure that you never lose out on money. For instance, until you sell an ad, you may place high-performing affiliate products there.
  • However, you must have no less than 100,000 page views per month in order to use BuySellAds.

15. Sovrn //Commerce (Formerly VigLink):

  • A service known as VigLink has been rebranded as Sovrn //Commerce. Sovrn //Commerce will automatically integrate contextual advertising links into your existing content, much like Infolinks does.
  • Additionally, it features a useful function that enables you to automatically add affiliate links to all of your current material. Therefore, if you join up for a promotion with an affiliate right now, you can quickly backfill that affiliate hyperlink into your current article.
  • This offers a lovely substitute for or addition to display adverts. Additionally, Sovrn //Commerce’s $10 minimum payout makes it simple to get started.

Which ad network is ideal for your website?

All of the options on this list can help you monetize your content, but they all function slightly differently and have distinct requirements. Generally speaking, you want to raise your CPMs without lowering the quality of your site’s user experience. You’ll probably need to test out various ad networks in order to locate the one that best suits your audience and preferences. There are almost 15 BEST AD NETWORKS.

However, if you’re looking for the best places to start, consider these suggestions:

Ezoic is the best choice if you’re searching for a good general starting point. It enables you to customize your ad optimization to fit your goals and provides you the opportunity to select from a range of advertising networks.

Although & AdSense are additional options, you’ll have to put forth more effort than you would need with Ezoic to determine which ad placements will be successful. If your traffic volume meets the minimal parameters, monumetric is another excellent choice.

If you work in a way of life sector, you might be satisfied with AdThrive or Mediavine since these two were primarily developed for your market. Again, these networks are fantastic for blogs about cooking, decorating, DIY projects, fashion, etc.

If you want to experiment with various types of advertisements, think about using one of the networks that offers material (Outbrain, Taboola, Revcontent, etc.) or some of the networks that lets you add contextual links for profitability (Infolinks or Sovrn //Commerce).

Good luck and could your CPMs rise regardless of the ad network you use.

So, that’s the end of our today’s article about 15 BEST AD NETWORKS FOR MONETIZING YOUR WEBSITE.

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So, that was all about our today’s article of  15 BEST AD NETWORKS FOR MONETIZING YOUR WEBSITE.


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