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HELLO and HY to all of our viewers from Chaudhary Hammad. I am the developer of this great site. The website is totally designed to share the actual Online Earning tricks and tips to our viewers. Today’s article is all about a game which is well-known and will give you an extra source of Income. The topic for today’s article is EARN REAL CASH WITH MYPOINTS.

So, Lets Get Started:

I appreciate you reading my review of MyPoints. Can you truly earn real cash with Mypoints by playing games, taking surveys, or even shopping?

I’ll go over how it operates, what to anticipate, and, of course, the question on everyone’s mind: Is MyPoints a genuine company?

MyPoints, what is it?

MyPoints is a paid survey company that serves as a middleman between you (and your opinions) and businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs. You can receive prizes like gift cards and cash via PayPal when you use MyPoints to offer your opinions on certain goods and services.

Online surveys and other market research techniques are becoming more and more popular as a way to make additional money, but not all survey websites are worthwhile.

Since their founding in 1996, MyPoints has developed into one of the more established and well-known market research firms operating online. They are renowned for developing new and inventive ways to earn rewards (points), including playing games, printing coupons, and even purchasing.

How Does It Function?

Residents in the US and Canada who are 18 years of age and older can join and earn real cash with Mypoints for free. They are focused on taking online surveys and earning points, like the majority of market research firms.

The fact that they actually have other legitimate ways to earn sets them apart, though. When you dig deeper, you usually find that these opportunities—while frequently advertised on survey sites to lure individuals to join—are rare at best or outright false advertising. 

MyPoints doesn’t operate in that manner. You might be let down by the quantity and value of the points you receive for each activity

1. Sign Up:

You can sign up for MyPoints if you’re 13 years old or older and are a resident in North America. To begin, simply provide your name, email address, and password. If you are under 18, you must have their parents’ permission to use the website.  New users can get an automatic $5 sign-up bonus in the way of an Amazon gift card or Visa gift card after checking their email address.

In order to receive the $10 welcome bonus on MyPoints, you had to sign up and spend at least $25 on a qualifying shopping deal. Due to its simplicity, this new welcome bonus is actually better for the majority of players.

2. Surveys:

Responding to surveys is one of the primary methods to earn money with MyPoints. You may access a list of available surveys on your survey dashboard. Each survey on MyPoints has an estimated completion time and a point payout.

I can take a few surveys, as you can see from my dashboard; the best one pays 510 points and takes 30 minutes.

Most surveys pay between 50 to 700 points, with each point equaling about $0.06 in value. This implies that surveys typically pay less than a dollar, though if you’re lucky, you could occasionally find ones that pay between $1 and $5.

3. Playing Games:

If you enjoy playing games on your phone, earn real cash with Mypoints feature where you may get paid to do so. The idea behind this is comparable to that of money gaming applications like Cash Giraffe and Mistplay, which provide you rewards for downloading and trying out new games.

However, the majority of MyPoints gaming promotions only award points for in-game purchases. If you exclusively play free mobile games, this is a drawback, but if you already pay for gaming applications, it’s a good earning opportunity.

Additionally, some sign-up and gaming deals pay quite well. As you can see from the example above, I can currently earn more than 10,000 points for testing out several bingo apps or more than 20,000 points for testing out various investing apps and banks.

4. Online Shopping:

To earn real cash with Mypoints, you can also complete online purchasing deals. This function rewards you for making purchases from hundreds of well-known retailers. For every dollar you spend, you only need to choose which merchants to use through your MyPoints account to get free points.

5. Utilize Magic Receipts:

If you enjoy Fetch Rewards or Ibotta, you are aware of the benefits of scanning receipts to earn free PayPal cash and gift cards. Thank goodness, Magic Receipts, a new feature of earn real cash with Mypoints, is also available. You can do this to shop for deals from well-known brands and then scan your receipt to collect points. It’s highly profitable because some Magic Receipt offers might pay $10 to $15 or more. Additionally, you can save money on groceries and other necessities, making it simple to earn.

6.  Coupons:

MyPoints offers coupons in addition to rebates and savings for online purchasing. These coupons can be used to save money at the register, and printing and using them will earn you points.

Once more, using Fetch Rewards and other incentive applications could result in greater savings. But before you go shopping, it’s worth looking through the MyPoints coupons to see if there are any excellent ones.

7. Playing Bingo:

Playing bingo is one of the more recent ways to obtain bonus points on MyPoints. An exclusive bingo board with several objectives is now available in MyPoints. You receive bonus points for completing the various tasks, and it’s a fantastic opportunity to experiment with MyPoints’ various features.

It’s great that earn real cash with Mypoints is increasing its earning choices because websites like InboxDollars have a new bingo function you can use to earn bonuses as well.

8. Enter Sweepstakes:

Can’t resist declining a fun contest or sweepstakes? If the response is affirmative, MyPoints can help. You can enter competitions for high-end prizes like gift cards, cost-free electronics, cash, and more by using some of your points. Granted, the chances of winning aren’t always that good. However, you can enter a few sweepstakes if you’re feeling lucky.

9. Use the MyPoints Score Extension:

Want to increase your MyPoints point total? Make sure you get their Score browser extension, which is free. Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Chrome all support this no-cost shopping extension. Similar to extensions like Rakuten, it helps you automatically apply coupons and get cash back when you shop at a partner store. Because I use so many programs and spend so much time online, I’m not necessarily a fan of extensions. However, using the MyPoints plugin can be a terrific way to discover more ways to make money.

10. Search the Web Another approach:

Earn real cash with Mypoints is to conduct web searches through their website. Simply use the search box on MyPoints as you would any other search engine. You may receive points through searches, which is the same technique used by SwagBucks.

●       Simple to use●       Customer support is limited
●       $5 welcome bonus●       Some activities only award a few points.
●       many alternative ways to make money●       Most games demand that you pay money in order to gain points.
●       You can use the MyPoints mobile survey app.●       For PayPal withdrawals, $25 is required.
●       Some gift cards have a $3 minimum redemption amount.● Only in North America is MyPoints accessible.
●       By completing daily polls and a to-do list, you can make free money.
●       numerous alternatives for redeemed awards
● Several cash-back shopping promotions

Is MyPoints Legit Or Not?

They are legitimate, to put it properly:

But there are two problems that make consumers doubt the reliability of MyPoints. The first is what they refer to as the pre-qualifying survey, which is a survey to see if you fit the client’s target demographic for the research goal. If you don’t pass the pre-qualification, which might take up to 30 minutes, you only receive 5 points.

In order to understand that… 5 points are approximately 3.5 cents. If you want to make a difference in your finances, even with the quick pre-qualifications that might just take a few minutes at most, 3.5 cents is equivalent to a lifetime of answering questions.

Additionally, given their longevity and the abundance of reviews in which users claim to have received payments, in my opinion MyPoints is a legitimate company.

What Does MyPoints Pay Out?

  • If you are eligible, surveys typically pay between 50 and 100 points, or about 35 and 75 cents. Though not many, it is greater than some other comparable systems, like Dabbl App.  For suggesting a friend, you can also receive 25 points. You will receive an additional 750 points when your referral purchases a qualified item for $20 or more (within 30 days), and they will receive 1750 points.
  • Online slots, for example, pay between 5 and 10 points on MyPoints.
  • Coupon printing and redemption earns 10 points, with a bonus of 25 points for doing so between ten and fifteen times each month (printing and redeeming sixteen or more times will earn you a bonus of 50 points).
  • You can watch videos that cost one point.
  • Shopping can also earn you points. Just two of many instances. By using their affiliate link, you can make a purchase at Best Buy and receive up to 2 points. Additionally, when you purchase a qualifying goods on Amazon, you can earn up to 10 points.

How Can I Use MyPoints?

To exchange your MyPoints for gift cards, follow these steps:

  • On your account dashboard, click the Redeem Points option.
  • Examine the many gift card choices that are offered.
  • Click the Get Rewarded button when you’ve located the reward you want to exchange your points for.
  • Gift cards sent by postal mail normally take two weeks to arrive, while processing time for eGift cards might range from three to ten business days, according to the website’s support section.

On the Redemption tab in your MyPoints account, you may quickly exchange your points for PayPal cash. To begin with, you must confirm that the name and email address you entered earn real cash with Mypoints exactly match those on your PayPal account. Additionally, a validated PayPal account is required. Remember that the conversion of your MyPoints to PayPal cash may take up to five days.


MyPoints provides free signup, just like the majority of online rewards schemes. There are also no yearly or monthly membership fees. To obtain rewards, you do have to shop at its linked online retailers. But you may also make money without ever pulling out your cash by participating in daily polls, taking surveys, playing games, and more.

Getting started:

A MyPoints account may be created in only 30 seconds. Visit this link first, then fill up your name, email address, and password. It’s that simple!

What’s best? Just for signing up, you receive a $5 welcome bonus!

Greeting Bonus:

  • MyPoints is giving new users a fairly great welcome bonus as of this writing.
  • When new members spend at least $20 at one of MyPoints’ partner stores within their first month of membership, they are eligible to receive either a $5 Amazon gift card or a $5 Visa gift card.
  • This incentive will be given to members as points that can be exchanged for a $5 bonus gift card. Remember that only new members are qualified for the signup bonus.

Minimum Reward:

Depending on what you’re using your points for, there may be a minimum point payout requirement. I could only locate 480 points for a $3 Amazon gift card as the lowest price. There are numerous additional gift cards available, each with a different minimum, such as Cineplex, Groupon, and eBay. You will need 4200 points and a PayPal account to exchange them for $25 in cash.

Final thoughts:

As you might have guessed, I personally don’t like earning money through doing internet surveys or other menial jobs. Simply put, the remuneration is insufficient given the time commitment. Despite such, it doesn’t follow that you won’t enjoy it.  This could be a quick and relatively low-risk approach to purchase yourself a cup or two of coffee if you simply need a few extra dollars. While there are undoubtedly less effective methods to pass the time, you could find earn real cash with Mypoints to be a nice diversion.

So, that was all about our today’s article of  EARN REAL CASH WITH MYPOINTS.
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